3 reasons people in remote workers’ compensation jobs might need to see a physical therapist

Remote Workers' Compensation Jobs

While working remotely has many benefits, it is just as important to stay healthy while working from home as it is in the workplace. If your workers’ compensation job has you working remotely, you may be at risk for some of the same issues that are common among traditional office workers. Back pain, sore neck, and carpal tunnel syndrome are common complaints among those working remotely in the workers’ compensation field. No one is immune to work-related injury, even those working from home.

Thankfully, these problems and more can be treated without the need for surgery or medications, in most cases. A physical therapist can help you tackle the aches and pains you feel while working from home. They can also work with you to prevent them from happening in the future.

Why might I need help from a physical therapist when working remotely?

Physical therapy is an accessible and effective method of treating many common complaints from those working remotely. Here are three reasons why you might want to visit a physical therapy specialist in your area:

  1. Treating your neck and back pain — Too many hours spent hunched in front of a computer screen can cause strain to the muscles in your neck and back. This can also cause damage to your nerves over time, contributing to worse back pain as well as headaches. Your physical therapist can help treat these and other sources of neck and back pain.
  1. Treating carpal tunnel and other hand injuries — Repetitive motions can cause the nerves in your hand and wrist to become compressed, resulting in numbness and pain that are often symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a common injury among those in remote workers’ compensation jobs. The reason? They spend a lot of time using a mouse and keyboard while working remotely.
  1. Ergonomic training — Proper posture and ergonomic training can be crucial in preventing injuries while working remotely. Poor posture, repetitive motion and an improper work setup can all contribute to work-related injury. Ergonomic training allows your physical therapist to help you maintain your health while working.

Where can I turn for physical therapy while working remotely?

Panther Physical Therapy is ready and willing to help workers in remote jobs adjust to their new normal. Treating your pain and preventing work-related injuries are all crucial parts of your personal physical therapy plan.

Workers in the workers’ compensation industry need not worry about maintaining their health and wellness while working remotely. Panther Physical Therapy is here to help!

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