Mulligan Technique

What is The Mulligan Technique?

The Mulligan Technique is a form of physical therapy that uses mobilization and movement to restore mobility for patients. This treatment plan has been used to help treat patients suffering from loss of motion associated with arthritis, pain associated with joint injuries, as well as pain from muscle injuries.

Is the Mulligan Technique Right for You?

Therapists that are certified and trained in the Mulligan Technique use a series of hands-on techniques to assist the patient in regaining full function and movement. A detailed assessment must be performed in the initial session in order to identify all underlying issues and establish a safe and effective treatment plan. After the initial clinic visit, the care plan often allows the patient to treat the injury from the comfort of their own home.

Working Through the Pain

The Mulligan Technique requires the physical therapist to gently reposition the bone, muscle or joint that is causing pain. This form of mobilization with movement typically includes very specific kneading and stretching of the muscles and joints. During these movements the therapist must continuously monitor the patient to ensure that the patient is not experiencing any additional pain due to the movement.

Working to Find Relief

Once the therapist discovers patient’s the range of mobility that doesn’t cause additional pain, the patient can learn and begin repeating the correct movement. The goal is to gradually reduce the amount of assistance the therapist is providing while the patient regains full control without causing any excessive pain.

This treatment technique gets the patient actively involved in their treatment experience. Each Mulligan technique is followed up with exercises for the patient to complete at home in order to maintain the results achieved during the session.

The Mulligan Technique is one of many forms of manual therapy treatment options that are available to patients. A thorough exam is the best way to determine if the Mulligan Technique is an optional treatment plan. Because every injury is different, treatment plans must be customized to meet the specific needs of each patient.

The immediate treatment plan is to try and help the patient find relief. The long-term treatment plan is for patients to maintain good mobility and prevent any recurring pain. As long as the patient is not experiencing pain from the exercises and is retaining good mobility, there is no need for additional visits.

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