Patient Testimonials

  • Vicki and her staff are awesome! I personally had to use their services a few times along with my husband and son. They are always very personable, professional and helpful. Very convenient hours and very informative. Would recommend them highly for your rehab needs!


  • Kathy and I wanted you to know how much we appreciated your assistance in recovering our health. Kathy’s ankle remains somewhat painful, but her physical limitations were completely resolved by the physical therapy. As I told you many times, my neck seems to have been cured (at least for the time being) through your services. In addition to being extremely grateful for the restoration of our health, we wanted you to know how much the professional, yet relaxed and friendly atmosphere, made the experience so much more enjoyable. We have told many of our friends about how impressed we were with Panther Physical Therapy, and will continue to speak highly of our experience.

    Gwil P.

  • After having total knee replacement surgery, choosing Panther Physical Therapy in Allison Park was the best choice that I could have made. I was greeted at every visit by Karen; she always has a kind word and is ever accommodating at fitting my therapy appointments into my busy schedule.

    I started out with numerous restrictions from my doctor, but Steve and the rest of the team at Panther never gave up on me. They gave me exercises to help strengthen my muscles, so that when my restrictions were removed, bending my knee would be easier.

    Once I was given the go-ahead to force-bend my knee, Steve, Rachel, Sean, and Larry never stopped encouraging and pushing me further. Days that I thought I hadn’t done enough or pushed enough, Steve would praise me for what I had done instead of admonishing me. I feel as though I am a part of a large family of people coming together for physical therapy.

    It is fun and enjoyable doing my workouts, while sharing the day’s activities, trading ideas, talking about world problems and movies and TV shows. Most days, I don’t even realize how hard I am working, because of the relaxed atmosphere the therapy team presents.

    I’ve come a long way in my rehabilitation, and I really do appreciate all that Steve Kowalski has done for me. He makes me want to go the extra mile and reach new goals with every visit. When I finally graduate from PT, I will truly miss Steve and the rest of the team at Panther Physical Therapy.

    Patty A.

  • I have been coming to Panther PT in Wexford for almost 3 years. I’ve been a patient (before and after spinal surgery, as well as knee problems) and also participated in their conditioning program. Kelly, Brad, Debbie, Shannon, and Tammy are consummate professionals with an emphasis on customer service. What a remarkable staff! Their level of expertise and service is superior! I have recommended them confidently and will continue to do so.

    Pam H.

  • Vicky, Jackie, and Steve are wonderful. They are professional, friendly, and very helpful. The hands-on stretching/massages and the exercises they provided were definitely the reason I am healing from foot surgery as quickly as I am. I could not imagine where I would be in my healing process without their assistance. I will recommend Panther to everyone!

    Carol D.

  • Having the option of quality physical therapy so close to home has been invaluable for myself and my family. Vicky English and her support staff made all the difference in my recovery from both shoulder and foot surgery. Likewise, I did not hesitate to enlist their care after my son’s sports injury. The staff of Panther Physical Therapy in Zelienople is unique in that they take the time to help you understand the physical, emotional, and environmental limitations often created by your injury. More importantly, they move you to set goals towards wellness and are your biggest cheerleaders along the way.

    Susan P.

  • As a past patient at Panther Therapy, I have nothing but high regards and praises for them. Their five personnel were wonderful and most caring in their working positions. They all were aware of their patients’ needs and the treatments necessary to relieve or correct their problems and pain. They worked with authority, but always smiling, lighthearted and were very much aware of each individuals’ exercises needed. They always had positive attitudes toward their patients. Throw in some jokes, daily news, or conversation, and it all made time go fast to forget your aches and pains. The room is bright and cheerful along with being clean and spotless. I highly recommend Panther Therapy to anyone needing PT. I certainly will go back if needed again.

    Ruth Ann H.

  • I would like to emphatically state that Panther Physical Therapy has been there for me in my treatment and well-being for the past 4+ years. I successfully had 2 total knee replacements in the last two years. I was told by my surgeon to continue my treatment, as it was very successful. I was recommended to this facility by my primary care physician. I was considering getting a Hover Round chair because I was unable to walk without assistance. Now, I look forward to walking unaided in the near future. I have and will continue to come here for physical therapy, and then conditioning and strengthening as long as needed. The entire staff, as well as my primary physical therapist, Kelly Patalsky, is and always has been very attentive to my every need.

    Helena N.

  • My husband chose Panther Therapy in 2013. He spoke highly of Panther therapists and strongly suggested Panther to me. I’m glad he did. The staff is kind, courteous, and caring. I am so thankful to them for making sure that I do the right exercises to heal properly. I will recommend Panther to everyone who wants the best care. Every time I come, I see many other people who seem to feel the same.

    Carol L.

  • Panther Therapy is all about commitment to the patient. They are what they say on the windows (Clinical Excellence, Customer Service, Professionalism, Community Commitment) at the Moraine Point Plaza.

    Cindy C.

  • I wanted to thank you and your staff once again for helping rehabilitate my knee injury. From day one, you and your staff exhibited concern, professionalism, hard work, diligence, and laser like focus on getting me back to normal. This focus “on the customer” is unfortunately becoming more unusual in this day and age, so it is extremely noticeable when practiced to such a degree as exhibited by PantherPT.


  • Thank you for rehabbing Ryan’s shoulder all summer. Ryan has had a positive experience and always looks forward to working with you.


  • I wanted to take a moment to let you know that in my many years in business I am not sure I have ever seen a business so well focused on the customer. I felt comfortable and part of a family. Your focus is on the patient, in an environment that makes it easy and comfortable, with plenty of reinforcement. I found myself looking forward to going.

    W. Michael

  • I’m feeling great! I can even run without pain. Thank you so much.


  • Thanking Vicki, & Jackie for caring and professional treatment for 2 different issues for Joyce and 1 for Denny. We received prompt and well planned treatment for our back, hip and shoulder issues. We are well on our way to full recuperation. We would highly recommend this staff and would definitely return if needed. We would also like to advise of the helpful assist from Shari, Frankie and April.


  • I do want to thank everyone at the Harmony location that helped me with my rehab, especially Eugene. Everyone showed me professionalism, care, in addition to knowledge as to my physical problems. Thank You very much!

    Dan M.

  • Your outstanding knowledge, care and encouragement in the field of physical therapy helped make my recovery a success. I have never had the dedication and encouragement from other therapists in the past 57 years of my life. I have had broken bones and back injuries, none as intense as the knee replacement, and have never had a therapist as good as you. You are definitely dedicated to healing and have given a gift. I thank God I was introduced to you.


  • From the moment I walked (hobbled) in the door, the physical therapy team at Panther – Zelienople/Harmony demonstrated the definition of professionalism. The DRs. Rx was discussed, questions were asked to confirm the problem and the treatment was discussed and started. Vicky and ‘Team Panther’ constantly monitored to be sure I was doing exercises correctly and without strain. They even sent me home with verbal, written and pictorial instructions for home work, so I wouldn’t forget how to (and to ) do them. I would recommend Panther- Zelie to anyone who wants to be treated professionally by a team that focuses on the individual in an environment of encouragement (and fun).

    Sandy O.

  • I have always been treated on time and politely. I enjoy visiting socially, too. I’m still walking with my new knees & old shoulder. Keep up the good work. C U soon!

    Jean P.

  • We have been long time senior patients of the Wexford location. We couldn’t be happier with the staff, the care we receive and the help they give us in keeping us (ages 86 and 78) as strong and as active as possible. A lot of work is centered on maintaining balance and preventing falls that are all too prevalent with our age range.

    Judy and Jack R.

  • I’m glad I chose panther. Everyone was so kind and helpful. Gene was very knowledgeable and personable. Thanks.


  • I would like to express my appreciation to the staff at the Allison Park Panther PT for the excellent job at facilitating my rehabilitation this fall/winter. Sean, Zach, Rachel and Karen… your professional expertise, calm demeanor, encouragement, and warmhearted attitude gives rise to this being the best physical therapy experience I have ever had in my lifetime. Thank you!

    Maryanne H

  • I had been referred to pt because of a tear in my meniscus. After going through the routine for five weeks, I did not notice much pain relief, but I did experience increased flexibility in the joint. Two weeks after the therapy, however, I noticed a great reduction in the pain levels in various positions and tasks in the knee. Either magical natural healing occured that had not happened on its own in the first seven months after the injury, or the course of therapy really did improve the situation. I’m inclined to the latter possibility, and I thank Vicki and the staff for their friendly and professional work.

    Charlie F

  • I had a knee replacement in December. For PT I chose Panther Wexford office. Reason was Gene Filiaggi. Gene has helped me through many painful health problems. Panther is lucky to have him on staff. Also Kelly Patalsky the clinic manager is top rate. The staff including Tammi and Sarah are both very professional and considerate of the patient’s needs. Will definitely refer anyone to that office.


  • I highly recommend the Panther facility in Zelienople, PA. The staff there is very professional, friendly, and are actually able to make physical therapy enjoyable. If I ever need therapy again I won’t hesitate to give them a call and will recommend them to anyone I know.


  • My recent experience (1/9/18-2/28/18) at the Allison Park location of Panther PT was an excellent one! The entire staff was friendly, professional, and extremely helpful. Gary Shuttleworth treated me for a “frozen shoulder” condition. He was knowledgeable, kind and understanding through each painful session, and I am so pleased with my great results. I will definitely return to Panther PT should I need help in the future. Thank you very much.