Vicki and her staff are awesome! I personally had to use their services a few times along with my husband and son. They are always very personable, professional and helpful. Very convenient hours and very informative. Would recommend them highly for your rehab needs!

Zelienople, PA
five star panther

Gary Shuttleworth treated me for a “frozen shoulder” condition. He was knowledgeable, kind and understanding through each painful session, and I am so pleased with my great results. I will definitely return to Panther PT should I need help in the future. Thank you very much.

five star panther

I highly recommend the Panther facility in Zelienople, PA. The staff there is very professional, friendly, and are actually able to make physical therapy enjoyable. If I ever need therapy again I won’t hesitate to give them a call and will recommend them to anyone I know.

five star panther

I had a knee replacement in December. For PT I chose Panther Wexford office. Reason was Gene Filiaggi. Gene has helped me through many painful health problems. Panther is lucky to have him on staff. Also Kelly Patalsky the clinic manager is top rate.

five star panther

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Panther Physical Therapy serves three convenient locations in Zelienople/ Harmony, Allison Park, and Wexford, PA. Our physical therapists take pride in providing the very best in physical therapy services.


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