Three reasons why physical therapy can be helpful for ankle pain in Allison Park, PA

Physical Therapy for Ankle Pain in Allison Park

Ankle pain can be a debilitating problem that affects people of all ages and levels of activity. For instance, one medical survey of older adults found that nearly 12% of them had ankle pain. There are many physical therapy options available to address ankle pain. Learn how physical therapy for ankle pain in Allison Park, Pennsylvania, can help you.

Why turn to physical therapy for help with your ankle pain?

Ankle pain is a common problem. Ankles are composed of many different ligaments, bones, and tendons that can be damaged or cause pain. These structures become painful because of an injury, like a sprain, overuse or even natural degeneration (i.e., osteoarthritis). Physical therapists can treat a variety of ankle pain causes. Why is that? Here are a few reasons: 

  1. They offer many ankle pain treatments — There are several physical therapy methods that can help with ankle problems. One of these is therapeutic exercises. Your physical therapist can show you exercises intended to strengthen muscles that support your ankle. And increased ankle support can mean less pain. They can also help improve ankle flexibility with range-of-motion exercises and stretches. Other beneficial treatment options physical therapists can offer include: 
  • Soft tissue mobilization.
  • Joint mobilization.
  • Graston Technique®.
  1. They can help prevent future pain — Physical therapy can be helpful for people who are suffering from ankle pain. It can also help prevent future ankle pain. For one thing, physical therapists can educate you about common causes of ankle pain and what causes them. This info can help you take steps to reduce your risk of these issues. In addition, physical therapists can create exercise and stretching programs designed to help keep your ankles strong and supple.
  1. They are close by — There are plenty of physical therapy clinics located in and around Allison Park. That fact makes it easy to find the effective ankle pain treatment you need. But you might not even need to leave home for your physical therapy. Many physical therapy practices offer virtual physical therapy you can use right in your home. This service allows you to have an online video call with a physical therapist and get treatment for your ankle pain. 

Find the physical therapy you need for your ankle pain at Panther PT in Allison Park

Looking for top-notch physical therapy for ankle pain in Allison Park? Panther Physical Therapy has a clinic here that can help you get the treatment you’re searching for. Our physical therapists can do a comprehensive evaluation to determine the source of your ankle pain. In addition, they excel at building personalized treatment plans to address the cause of your pain. 

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