3 benefits that will have you seeking the Mulligan technique for your lower back pain

Mulligan Technique

Approximately 65 million Americans suffer from back pain. Lower back pain is a common problem for many people. It can be caused by injury, heavy lifting, poor posture, repetitive motion and stress.

You can reduce your chances of lower back pain by improving muscle strength and flexibility and maintaining proper posture. To experience more significant results, a physical therapist can offer you the Mulligan technique to reduce pain.


What is the Mulligan technique?

The Mulligan technique is a manual therapy method used to treat joint dysfunctions in the spine or extremities.

The Mulligan concept is based on the premise that pain and inflammation result from abnormal tissue. It is possible to normalize this tissue by applying a gentle force in the direction of motion while simultaneously moving the tissue through its range of motion.


3 benefits that can be experienced from the Mulligan technique

If you’re experiencing chronic or acute pain in your back, the Mulligan technique may be able to help. Here are three benefits of the Mulligan technique for back pain:


  1. Pain relief — It helps identify areas that are painful or not functioning correctly. Some areas physical therapists may look at include joints and muscles. You may experience reduced pain in your lower back after just one session of Mulligan therapy. After multiple sessions, you may have reduced pain long-term.
  2. Improved mobility — This technique can improve mobility in the spine and hip joints after just one session, with more significant improvements over time.
  3. No side effects — Unlike many medications or injections used to treat lower back pain, the Mulligan approach has no side effects. It helps relieve your symptoms and helps improve your overall quality of life and function.


If you suffer from lower back pain, you should contact your physical therapist to see if the Mulligan technique is right for you.


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