Lump on Top of Shoulder Muscle

3 ways PT can help break up the lump of scar tissue on top of your shoulder muscle

August 15th, 2022

Do you have a strange lump on the top of your shoulder? Do your muscles feel tight and stiff? Have you previously experienced an injury to your shoulder? You could be dealing with scar tissue. Luckily, physical therapy can help you reduce that tension in your shoulder so you can regain mobility and comfort. It’s

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Chronic Pain Care Plan

3 reasons you want PT to be a key part of your chronic pain care plan

August 1st, 2022

If you are dealing with chronic pain, you’re not alone. In the U.S., approximately 20% of people experience chronic pain. The causes of chronic pain can vary. But what most of the people who suffer from this condition share is that they describe their pain as occurring “most days” or “every day.” Physical therapy is

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