What to do for back pain after a car accident in Wexford, PA

Back Pain After Car Accident

Car accidents are a common source of injury in Pennsylvania. To support this information, you only have to look up the yearly accident statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which reported that almost 81,000 people were injured in car crashes in 2017. One issue that can be caused by even a minor car accident is back pain, and this means you may need to know what to do for back pain after a car accident in Wexford, Pennsylvania. 

1.   Get checked out by a medical professional

Even if your back pain doesn’t start immediately after your car accident, you should get checked out by a medical professional. For instance, you can go to the emergency room for a post-accident check up from a doctor. You could also make an appointment with your primary care doctor. Either of them can determine if you’ve been injured by the accident, and they can also tell you what kind of back injury you have and how bad it is. 

2.   Rest your injured back

One thing you should definitely do to treat back pain after a car accident is rest your back. Rest is a vital part of the body’s natural healing process, and this process can actually be slowed down if you don’t rest after an injury. People with highly physical jobs, such as construction, should consider taking a few days off to give their back time to heal. Anyone with a back injury should also avoid lifting heavy objects and being on their feet for long periods of time. 

3.   Go see a physical therapist

Your doctor may recommend that you go see a physical therapist if you have back pain after a car accident. At Panther Physical Therapy in Wexford, our team has a close working relationship with many doctors in this area. This means that in addition to providing you with high-quality care, we’ll also be able to keep your doctor informed about your recovery. 

Using a personalized therapy plan, we can help you recover faster from back pain and other issues after a car accident, and your plan may contain helpful therapy techniques like: 

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