Two causes of lower leg pain after running in Allison Park, PA

Lower Leg Pain After Running

Like many areas of the country, Allison Park, Pennsylvania, has its fair share of runners. Running is a great way to improve physical fitness, but it’s not without its issues. Some people in Allison Park may be experiencing lower leg pain after running. Those looking for the cause of this type of pain may want to consider two lower leg problems. 

1.   Calf muscle strain

The calf muscles are an important part of a person’s ability to run, and if one of them is strained, it can be the reason you feel lower leg pain after running. There are two calf muscles that can be strained. The gastrocnemius is the larger of these two muscles, and it’s this muscle that forms the bulge in your calf.  The soleus is a smaller muscle under the gastrocnemius, and these two muscles together pull the heel up when you’re running. This ability gives you the ability to move forward by pushing off of your foot. 

There are several symptoms of a calf muscle strain, but one of the most common is mild to severe pain in the lower leg. This condition can be the result of either a lack of stretching before running or overstretching the calf muscles. It can also be caused by doing too much running without giving the muscle enough time to recover. 

2.   Shin splints

On the other side of your lower leg, shin splints can also cause you to feel lower leg pain after running. This condition is often called medial tibial stress syndrome by medical professionals, and it causes the soft tissue around the shin bones to become inflamed and painful. Shin splints are typically caused by the stress repetitive running motions place on the legs, and they’re common if you run too often or you just started running. 

Other factors can increase your chances of getting shin splints. For example, changing from running on flat surfaces to running up hills can increase leg stress and cause this condition. People who run in worn-out or improper shoes are also more likely to get shin splints. Also, having flat feet or overly rigid foot arches can put you at greater risk of this issue. 

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