Three reasons a physical therapy clinic is the auto accident injury clinic you’re looking for

Auto Accident Injury Clinic

It sounds like a “Jeopardy” question. “What cost the U.S. government and American people $474 billion in 2020?” COVID-19 is a good guess, but it’s not correct. So, what is the answer? Car accidents. 

With that kind of price tag, it’s not surprising that there were nearly 4.8 million Americans injured in auto accidents in 2020. Such an injury might prompt people to go looking for an auto accident injury clinic where they can get help. A physical therapy clinic can be just the answer. There are many reasons why physical therapy clinics are synonymous with the auto accident injury clinic you’re searching for. 

Three reasons the auto accident injury clinic for you is actually a physical therapy clinic

“A physical therapy clinic?” you might ask yourself. “What do they know about auto accident injuries?” The answer is quite a bit. Physical therapists are trained to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries, which are the most common type of car accident injuries. Yet this isn’t the only reason that a physical therapy clinic may be the best auto accident injury clinic for you. Some other reasons you should consider are: 

  1. Physical therapists can help cut injury-related disability— Pain and your ability to move are closely connected. When you’re in pain, it is typically harder to move, but no pain tends to mean you can move normally. That’s why a decrease in disability can mean you’re feeling less pain. A study of whiplash patients found that physical therapy helped reduce disability scores by up to 15.5 points after six weeks. Such results may also indicate a significant reduction in pain as well. 
  1. Physical therapy can help speed up your recovery — Good blood flow is critical to speedy healing for soft tissue injuries. However, car accident-related soft tissue injuries often lead to stiffness and decreased range of motion. Such symptoms can trigger a decrease in blood flow to the injured area. Physical therapists can use techniques like therapeutic exercises and soft tissue mobilization to improve circulation. By doing so, they can help reduce your recovery time. 
  1. Physical therapists can help reduce the risk of chronic post-accident issues — Symptoms from auto accident injuries can become chronic, especially if they aren’t initially treated properly, but going to a physical therapy clinic can help cut your risk of chronic issues. Your physical therapist can help ensure that the injured body part is as strong and flexible as possible. They can also offer ergonomic tips that can help improve your posture. 

Panther PT has a team you can turn to for help with auto accident injuries

Ready to find a top-notch physical therapy clinic to help treat your auto accident injury? The conveniently located clinics that our Panther Physical Therapy team works out of could be just what you’re looking for. Here you’ll find free initial injury screenings and personalized treatment plans. Our physical therapists can even bring the clinic to you thanks to our at-home care and virtual physical therapy services. 

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