Neck Pain Treatment

How long does a stiff neck last?

February 5th, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered, “How long does a stiff neck last?,” the answer may surprise you. Our team at Panther Physical Therapy knows the answer to this question depends on what’s causing your neck stiffness in the first place. At Panther Physical Therapy, our team has gathered a wealth of physical therapy experience in the

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5 Ways Physical Therapy Can Put the Spring Back in Your Step!

January 20th, 2019

Do you currently have an acute or chronic pain condition affecting your daily life? Maybe you’re struggling with back pain, a sports injury or impairments following an auto accident. Perhaps you have someone in your family who is experiencing pain and dysfunction. Whatever you or your loved ones are facing, we encourage you to contact

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How to Prevent Sports Injuries

How to prevent sports injuries

January 5th, 2019

It’s not always easy for people to know how to prevent sports injuries. One reason it’s not easy is that there’s so much information out there about this topic. However, there’s a physical therapy team that may be able to help you find the right injury prevention for you. Our Panther Physical Therapy team has

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