Why you may need to see a physical therapist in Harmony, PA, for migraine treatment

Migraine Treatment

Migraine pain is often intense and can cause you to basically shut down until the migraine passes. Migraines can be triggered by several factors like bright lights, smells or loud noises. For many, migraines are also connected to pain and tension in the neck.

If you suffer from intense and frequent migraines, physical therapy may be able to help. Physical therapists can address tension and pain in the neck to help reduce the severity and frequency of your migraines. Below are some of the ways physical therapy can help with migraines:

Exercising and stretching helps improve strength and flexibility

One of the primary ways physical therapists address pain and stiffness in the neck is with exercising and stretching. Physical therapists can guide you through gentle exercises and stretches designed to help improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles, ligaments and tendons in your neck.

When these muscles and soft tissue are more flexible, they provide better support for the spine and head, which can reduce pressure that leads to migraines. 

Manual therapy helps reduce tension and improve range of motion

Physical therapists may use hands-on techniques known as manual therapy to help with neck pain and migraines. These techniques involve positioning your soft tissue and the joints in your neck in ways that help reduce tension and improve range of motion. 

Manual therapy also helps to break down scar tissue that may have developed from an injury or surgery.

Posture guidance can help prevent future tension

The muscles and tendons in your neck can become strained if you constantly hang your head forward when reading, using your cellphone or typing at a computer. Physical therapists can help you correct your posture for these activities to help reduce the buildup of strain and tension that leads to neck pain and migraines. 

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