Treating a herniated disc in the neck with physical therapy

Herniated Disc in Neck

A herniated disc is a condition in the spine that causes pain and limits your range of motion. The discs in your spine are supposed to prevent friction and shock damage from affecting your vertebrae. However, injuries and conditions can cause one of the discs to herniate, which means its fluid has burst out and is putting pressure on the nerves in your spine.

Treatments vary for herniated discs based on severity and personal factors like age and medical history. However, one treatment that consistently helps people with herniated discs in their necks is physical therapy.

How do physical therapists treat herniated discs in the neck?

Physical therapists have several treatments they can use for treating herniated discs in the neck, including:

  • Exercise — Strong muscles help support the neck and head and reduce pressure off the spine. This is helpful when you have a herniated disc that’s already creating pressure in your neck.

    Physical therapists can identify which exercises will be beneficial on your neck without causing pain or exceeding your limits.

  • Stretching — Flexible muscles also help support the neck and can improve your range of motion. Physical therapists can guide you through gentle stretches to help improve flexibility in your neck.
  • Manual therapy — Manual therapy techniques are hands-on treatments for mobilizing and manipulating the joints and soft tissue. These techniques help reduce tension and stiffness in the muscles and joints that may contribute to your herniated disc pain.
  • Posture correction — Poor posture like hunching your head forward or slouching your shoulders can contribute to pain and stiffness when you have a herniated disc in the neck. Physical therapists can examine your posture and determine how you can make improvements to reduce some pressure off the spine. 

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