Three Leading Causes of Sports Injuries

Sports Injury

A sports injury is something that every person may suffer at some point in their athletic career. Every sport has some risk involved, and this is true for athletes of all levels. A professional athlete can suffer a muscle strain or sprain just as easily as a high school athlete or amateur. However, Panther Physical identifies a few leading causes of sports injury to help you reduce your risk of suffering 

Failure to properly warm-up

It is not realistic to expect our bodies to go from zero to maximum effort without risking a muscle strain. Countless baseball players who have pulled a hamstring running to first base can attest to this. It is important to give the body a chance to warm-up and prepare itself for giving maximum effort. Just a few minutes is all it takes to reduce your sports injury risk drastically. Excellent warm up exercises include:

  • Walking
  • Static stretching
  • Jumping jacks or jumping rope
  • Lightly practicing sports movements

Playing through muscle fatigue 

Your competitive edge or desire to tough it out may keep you from calling a timeout or requesting a sub to come in. However, several studies have indicated that sports injury risk goes up as the body begins to tire and the muscles fatigue. You may want to break through your next fitness plateau by playing through being tired, but there is a point of diminishing returns. 

Eventually, this fatigue affects your form and technique which makes you more susceptible to turning an ankle or tearing a ligament. Listen to your body to know when it may be time to take a break and keep yourself from getting injured. 

Failure to properly cool down

Just as going from zero to 100 is not advisable, going from total effort back to rest can also put you at an elevated sports injury risk. Failure to properly cool down can cause blood to pool in large muscles causing swelling and inflammation. Lactic acid also builds up which lowers the pH of your body and makes your muscles work less effectively. Much like warming up, just a few minutes of walking or stretching can help reduce your injury risk.

Most sports injuries will heal naturally on their own. You should be more concerned if the pain of an injury gets worse over time or lasts for a long time without the pain subsiding. In cases like these, Panther Physical therapy may be able to help with a personalized treatment plan.

If you or a loved one has suffered a sports injury that just does not seem to want to get better, contact Panther Physical Therapy today to set up your initial appointment. 

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