Three issues that can cause knee and calf pain

Knee and Calf Pain

The structures of your lower leg include things like your thigh, knee and calf, and these structures must work together when you walk, run and jump. However, the close links between lower leg structures means that pain in one can cause pain in another. 

An example is people who experience both knee and calf pain. It’s reported that about 25% of adults experience frequent knee pain; studies also show that 4.4% of men and 6.8% of women experience effort related calf pain. A physical therapist can help you learn what is causing your knee and calf pain, and they can create treatment plans to effectively treat your painful leg. 

Common causes of knee and calf pain

Feeling discomfort in your knee and calf can come from many different issues. Some of the problems that can lead to discomfort in both of these areas include: 

  1. Muscle strains — A strain in the thigh, hamstring and calf muscles can lead to pain being felt in several parts of the leg. Muscle strains in your leg occur when a leg muscle is overstretched or torn. They can cause pain, swelling, bruising and difficulty walking. 
  1. Popliteal tendinitis — The popliteal tendon connects the popliteal muscle in the knee and upper calf to the thighbone. This tendon can become irritated by repetitive movements, especially if they put lots of stress on the knees. The pain of this issue is typically felt in the top of the calf and back and side of the knee. Your pain may also get worse when you’re walking or running downhill. 
  1. Sciatica — Most people think of sciatica as a lower back issue. But the sciatic nerve runs down the back of your leg, too. This means that sciatica can result in discomfort along the whole length of your leg, including in your knee and calf. 

How can physical therapists treat your pain?

Physical therapists are trained to treat musculoskeletal disorders that affect many parts of the body, including the knees and calves. Your physical therapist can create a treatment plan that’s unique to you, which may include therapy methods like: 

Panther PT offers top-notch treatment for knee and calf pain

Suffering from knee and calf pain? Our Panther Physical Therapy team is ready and willing to help you address your pain. We offer free screenings designed to pinpoint the cause of your pain. In addition, our physical therapists excel at building individualized therapy plans intended to reduce your pain. Even better, you can work with us from home by signing up for an at-home care or virtual therapy appointment. 

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