Three factors that can cause chronic muscle tension

Chronic Muscle Tension

Many of us have probably experienced tense, sore muscles after a workout, but what happens if this tension doesn’t go away? When muscles stay tense for weeks or months, this condition is called chronic muscle tension, and it can lead to symptoms like pain, muscle weakness and sensations of tingling or numbness. If you’re dealing with this condition, there are three factors that may be the root cause of it: 

1.   Trigger points

Trigger points are areas of tension that have built up in a muscle, and these areas can be the factor causing your chronic muscle tension. Trigger points can develop in a muscle in several ways. For instance, you could have strained a muscle while playing sports, and this injury can lead to the creation of a trigger point. Also, trauma from car accidents or work injuries can cause trigger points to form. 

2.   Adhesions

Another muscle issue that can cause chronic muscle tension is an adhesion. Adhesions are areas of scar tissue that build up in the muscles, and this scar tissue is typically the result of a muscle injury. In many cases, repetitive movements lead to small tears in the muscle, and the scar tissue fills in these tears as they heal. Adhesions then make it harder for the muscle fibers to glide normally, which increases tension in the muscle. 

3.   Emotional stress

Most people aren’t surprised that physical factors can lead to chronic muscle tension. However, many people are stunned by the fact that emotional stress can also cause this issue. When you look at an example, though, the connection may start to make more sense. 

Let’s say you have a tough deadline to meet at work. Thinking about this deadline causes emotional stress to develop, and before you know it, you’re hunching your shoulders. Or, the stress could cause you to lean toward your computer as you’re working. In either case, you may not even be aware that your body is reacting in these ways, but these stress positions are no less stressful on your muscles. If you hold them for too long, they can easily lead to long-term muscle tension.

Get help for chronic muscle tension at Panther Physical Therapy

If you’re living with chronic muscle tension, our team at Panther Physical Therapy can help you. First, we’ll have you come in for a complimentary screening, and our therapists will use this as an opportunity to determine what the root cause of your muscle tension is. Then, our team will build you a personalized treatment plan that may include therapy methods like: 

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