Three benefits of physical therapy for chronic neck pain treatment

Chronic Neck Pain Treatment

Pretty much everyone has to deal with some form of neck pain at some point or another. Whether it’s due to sitting or sleeping in an odd position or overdoing it at the gym, the resulting soreness and stiffness can be an inconvenience that can limit your activity level and distract you from everyday tasks. Minor, or acute, cases of neck pain usually improve in a very short period of time and only require the most minor treatments. 

However, if neck pain becomes chronic, it can begin to have a much more devastating impact on your quality of life and could be an indicator of a more serious underlying problem. In these cases, you should seek chronic neck pain treatment from a qualified medical professional, such as a physician or a physical therapist. 

To help you gain knowledge about how a physical therapist provides chronic neck pain treatment, we’ve created the following quick overview. 

How can a physical therapist provide chronic neck pain treatment?

As a discipline, physical therapy seeks to help patients overcome pain and improve functionality if they are suffering from a wide range of conditions. For patients suffering from neck pain, here are three benefits that physical therapy can offer: 

  1. It relieves pressure on joints and other soft tissue in the neck — The neck is an intricately constructed part of the body that must support the weight of the head while allowing for a wide range of motion. This puts a lot of stress on the joints and discs in the spine, which can contribute to chronic neck pain. Physical therapy can help strengthen supporting muscles and relieve some of the pressure being placed on the spine every day. 
  2. It increases flexibility and range of motion — Physical therapy involves stretches, exercises and manual techniques that seek to mobilize stiff joints, connective tissue and muscles.
  3. It can promote long-term health — Through becoming more active and stronger, combined with implementing recommended lifestyle changes like better posture and a healthy diet, patients undergoing physical therapy for chronic neck pain can decrease the likelihood of future episodes and flare-ups. 

When seeking a physical therapist, it is important to find a provider with the right combination of credentials and experience who can also work with you on a personalized basis to receive the level of care you deserve. 

Chronic neck pain treatment at Panther Physical Therapy

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