Lower Back Pain Treatment at Panther Physical Therapy

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If you suffer from lower back pain, you know how difficult everyday tasks can become. With 80 percent of adults experiencing lower back pain at some point in their lifetime, know that you are not alone in your pain.

The most common causes of lower back pain

There are many different causes of lower back pain. Women will experience lower back pain during pregnancy as bones, muscles and organs adjust to allow the baby to grow. Elderly people will experience lower back pain as muscle elasticity and tone decrease with age.  

Being overweight can put additional stress on the back and lead to lower back pain. It is safe to say that lower back pain is part of life.

One of the most common lower back injuries is caused by lifting heavy objects incorrectly. An improper lifting technique can cause stress on the lower back muscles, which can lead to a tear. When this happens, it is known as muscle strain.

Beneficial lower back pain treatments

Receiving the right type of lower back pain treatment is critical to living a healthy life. Some effective methods for lower back pain treatment include:

  • Spinal manipulation and hands-on therapy
  • Exercises to increase flexibility and strength
  • Education on proper back care and preventing further injury
  • Use of ice or heat therapies or electrical stimulation

Treating your lower back pain at Panther Physical Therapy

The list above is just a few of the ways that Panther Physical Therapy is able to treat your lower back pain. Our team of physical therapists is experienced in improving mobility and movement in patients who are suffering from lower back pain. Panther Physical Therapy also provides helpful tips in preventing lower back pain, which reduces the likelihood of the pain returning, such as:

  • Use proper body positioning at work, home or during leisure activities.
  • Ask for help before lifting heavy objects.
  • Stay active.

If you are seeking lower back pain treatment, give Panther Physical Therapy the chance to help you find relief. If you would like to learn more about back pain treatment and other services that we offer, contact our clinic today.

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