How to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

How to Get Rid of Neck Pain From Sleeping Wrong

It’s happened to many of us. You wake up from what you thought was a good night’s sleep, and you have a pain in your neck. If you’re dealing with this situation, Panther Physical Therapy has three tips for how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong.

Advice and therapy for neck pain is just one of the things we do at Panther Physical Therapy. Our team has spent the past 15 years helping residents in the Pennsylvania towns of Harmony, Wexford and Allison Park get the physical therapy they need. During this time, we’ve helped our patients with a wide array of injuries and medical conditions. All this experience with our patients is what allows us to offer you three tips for how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong.

Our three tips for how to get rid of neck pain from sleeping wrong

When you wake up with neck pain, your first thought is probably something like, “How do I get rid of this neck pain from sleeping wrong?!” Well, our Panther Physical Therapy team has three tips that may help.

Our first tip is to use hot and cold compresses on the painful area of your neck. Our team recommends that you use an ice pack on your neck first. This is because the cold from the ice may help to relieve inflammation in your neck that’s causing your pain. Then, we suggest that you switch over to a heating pad. The heat may help to sooth your neck muscles and release any lingering tension in them.

The second tip we have for you is to take some over-the-counter pain reliever. Our team knows that mild neck pain usually responds well to these pain relievers. We also know that using pain relievers in combination with hot and cold compresses may help to more quickly reduce your neck pain. However, we’d also caution you to be careful if you’re taking other medication besides the pain reliever. You may even want to consult your doctor to see if there might be any side effects from mixing a pain reliever with your daily medication.

Our third neck pain relief tip is to do some light range of motion exercises. One thing that we’ve found is that neck pain often causes people to hold their necks rigid. The problem with this is that it just puts more pressure on your already tense neck muscles, and this can lead to even more pain. Rather than holding your neck rigid, we recommend that you carefully move your neck through its normal range of motion. This movement may help stretch your neck muscles and reduce your pain. However, you’ll also want to keep your movements smooth and slow to avoid increased levels of pain.

Using these three tips, you may be able to reduce your neck pain on your own. However, if your neck pain continues to be a problem, you may want to consult a doctor or one of our physical therapists. This is because continued pain may be a sign that you have a more significant problem than sleeping wrong.

If you think you think you have a more serious neck problem, Panther Physical Therapy is here to help. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule a free 15-minute screening.

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