Fall Prevention Physical Therapy fall risk assessment

How (and where) to get a fall risk assessment

December 16th, 2023

Falling is a common type of incident, but they are always scary to experience. Some falls cause no injuries, allowing you to quickly bounce back onto your feet. But if you fall on a rough surface or land awkwardly, it can cause painful injuries that don’t always heal in the blink of an eye. Many

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Vestibular Therapy Near Me

Why would people be looking for vestibular therapy near them?

July 26th, 2021

We rely on our balance every day to get us where we’re going. Most of us can walk around without thinking about it, and we take our balance for granted. But when our balance is impaired, it can be seriously debilitating. If you suffer from a loss of balance, a vestibular disorder may be the

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How to Improve Your Balance

How to improve your balance with two physical therapy exercises

June 28th, 2021

Have you noticed that your balance has started to deteriorate? If you’re an older American, you’re definitely not alone in noticing this.  The harsh reality is that the joints, muscles and other body structures that help us balance wear out over time. In part, this has a lot to do with why so many older

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