What may be causing my back pain?

Back Pain Causes

Every day there are thousands of people who are asking themselves, “What may be causing my back pain?” Our experienced physical therapy team at Panther Physical Therapy may be able to help you answer this question.

Our Panther Physical Therapy team has been serving the residents of Allison Park, Wexford and Harmony, Pennsylvania for more than 15 years. One thing we’ve learned during that time is that personalized therapy is typically more effective for people. This is why we’ll always start your therapy journey with us by evaluating your condition. Our team will then take some time to talk to you about your goals, concerns and questions. Finally, we’ll combine all of this information with our therapy knowledge to build a therapy plan for you that’s as effective as possible. This approach is particularly helpful for patients who are wondering what may be causing their back pain.

Two issues that may be causing your back pain

At Panther Physical Therapy, our team is well aware there are many issues that could be causing your back pain. However, we frequently see two specific issues causing back pain in our patients.

One issue we often see that may cause back pain is a herniated disc. This condition occurs when one of the discs that separates your spinal vertebrae is damaged in some way. Our team knows this damage may cause the gel-like center of the disc to poke out of the damaged outer shell. The displaced disc center material may then rub against or put pressure on nerves in your spine, which may lead to symptoms that include pain.

A second issue our team frequently sees in our back pain patients is muscle strains and ligament sprains. We know you may not realize it, but this issue probably causes most of the back pain we see. One reason this cause is so common in our patients is there are many ways a back muscle or ligament may be injured. For instance, you could get this sort of strain by lifting a heavy box improperly or making sudden awkward movements. Also, factors like car accidents and playing sports may easily lead to a strained muscle or sprained ligament in your back.

To help you treat these two back pain-causing issues, our team will build you a personalized therapy plan that may include therapies such as:

  • Core and back muscle strengthening exercises
  • Targeted back stretches
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Electrical stimulation sessions

Using these and other therapies, our team may be able to help you reduce your back pain and decrease your recovery time from a back issue.

Are you ready to fight back against what’s causing your back pain? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule a free 15-minute screening.

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