What is Direct Access

Direct Access is exactly what it sounds like: Patients having direct access to physical therapy services without a doctor’s referral. A direct access license is available to physical therapists in Pennsylvania and many other states. There are five elements to the Direct Access model of care including examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention. Once your initial examination/evaluation is completed, our physical therapists will develop a Plan of Care for your treatment. This will be submitted to your doctor for their review.

Who can use Direct Access?

Most insurances will cover treatment without a referral as long as the physical therapist has his/her direct access license. Medicare, Medicare replacement plans (Security Blue, for instance), and government issued insurance plans usually will not reimburse direct access treatment. If you have any questions about your insurance plan, please contact your local Panther Physical Therapy office for more information.

Why choose a Physical Therapist with Direct Access?

Direct Access extends consumer’s choice and eliminates barriers to entry. This decreases the time it takes to start treatment. It improves access to a profession that promotes prevention and wellness. Early access to physical therapy has many benefits including decreased medical costs, enhanced recovery, and decreased use of sick time. Direct Access helps the patient see positive functional results, feel confident in their recovery, and experience reduced pain as they progress. It is dynamic and comprehensive care.

Picking the right physical therapy office can be daunting. By choosing a physical therapist with Direct Access, it allows you to begin treatment sooner since you do not have to wait for an appointment with your physician. Therapists can provide their patients with the quality of care that they need, when they need it, and in a manner that best suits them- No Prescription Necessary.

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