What does occupational therapy mean?

What Does Occupational Therapy Mean

When you first hear the term occupational therapy, you may not have any idea what occupational therapy means. But, there’s a physical therapy team that can help you find out what it is and also who it may help.

At Panther Physical Therapy, we’re proud to be a part of the communities of Wexford, Allison Park and Harmony, Pennsylvania. It’s this pride that drives us to provide the highest quality physical therapy services to the people of these communities. To us, great service is all about respect, caring and personalization. We show that we respect and care about our patients in several ways. For instance, we’ll always make time to listen to your concerns about your injury or conditions. We also create personalized physical therapy plans for every person who seeks treatment from us. One way that we spread these values is by helping people understand how physical therapy works, and it’s this drive to promote understanding that allows us to help you find out what occupational therapy means.

Three things that may help you understand what occupational therapy means

Our team knows that many people who’ve never used occupational therapy struggle with what this therapy is. However, we may be able to help you improve your understanding of this type of therapy.

Our team defines occupational therapy as a style of therapy that helps patients by having them practice real-life tasks. At Panther Physical Therapy, we tend to use this type of therapy to help two groups of people. The first group we typically use occupational therapy with is children with physical or cognitive disabilities. For instance, let’s say we’re helping a child with a motor disability such as cerebral palsy. This condition likely makes it difficult for the child to stand up and sit down, so we’d have them practice sitting down and standing up during their therapy sessions.

Another group of people that our team uses occupational therapy to help is workers. We see many patients who’ve injured themselves on the job. Using occupational therapy, our team may be able to help them heal, get ready for work again and prevent future injuries. For example, a patient who’s a painter could be working with us to recover from a torn rotator cuff. One way that we might help this patient get ready to go back to work is to have them practice using a paint brush over their head. We’d have them perform this exercise for gradually increasing lengths of time until they were ready to get back to work.

Now that you know more about what occupational therapy means, you may realize it could help you or someone you know. Well, our team at Panther Physical Therapy is here to help. We even offer free initial screenings to help you get started with your therapy process.

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule a free 15-minute screening.

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