Using Physical Therapy as Headache Treatment

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There are a lot of reasons why we get headaches. Some headaches are caused by migraines, neck trauma or a head injury. Even though headaches can occur frequently, it’s important to know when the pain you are experiencing is harmless and when it is time to seek professional treatment for your headaches.

You may not realize that physical therapy for headaches is one of the most effective treatment plans available. Below you will find two of the most common headaches and the way we treat them at Panther Physical Therapy.

Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic headaches come from a neck issue, but the pain is usually felt in the head. Patients typically report feeling pain on one side of their head and in the back of their neck.

During therapy, we treat the neck issue and correct posture with our manual therapy techniques. As the neck heals, the headaches usually go away.

Tension headache

The most common cause of tension headaches is stress.

Treatment for tension headaches is centered around muscle relaxation, which is possible through physical therapy. You may be one of the many patients who benefits from hands-on therapy and movement of joints and muscles.

Headache treatment plans at Panther Physical Therapy

At Panther Physical therapy, we treat each patient differently because headaches have different causes. Headache treatment through physical therapy can be very effective and work quickly. However, while some patients have reported feeling better after the initial treatment, other patients may need more sessions to address more severe issues.

When our patients come to the clinic with chronic headaches, we give them an evaluation to determine the cause of their headaches, and then our team will put together a headache treatment plan.

Panther Physical Therapy wants to help you find relief

At Panther Physical Therapy, our team of specialists takes a personalized approach to your treatment plan. Headache pain does not have to control your life. We are here, and we want to help you find relief.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, call Panther Physical Therapy today to schedule an initial consultation.

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