Three useful back pain treatment options in Allison Park, PA

Back pain is a common issue in Allison Park, PA. Learn about three back pain treatment options you can use for your pain.

It’s not surprising that back pain is so common in Allison Park, Pennsylvania. At least, it’s not if you consider the high number of back pain patients nationwide. Experts at the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) report that 80% of Americans will likely experience back pain at some time in their lives. For people in Allison Park who are currently dealing with back pain, there are three back pain treatment options that you should consider. 

1.   Rest

People who are feeling back pain from a work injury may be reluctant to take time off, but not allowing your back to rest can actually be worse in the long run. Rest allows the body to focus on healing the injury in your back. However, “rest” doesn’t mean that you should lie around in bed for a week. In fact, this type and length of rest could actually increase your back pain. Instead, try to avoid lifting heavy objects or performing other strenuous back movements, and only lie down if you feel particularly tired. 

2.   Stretches

Sports injuries can also cause back pain, and stretches can help relieve certain types of pain. For example, stretches are useful for relieving tension in sore back muscles. One type of stretch that can help reduce back pain is the knee-to-chest stretch. 

To do this stretch, you’ll have to first lie down on the floor or on a bed. Then, slowly raise your right leg toward your chest with your knee bent. You should continue to raise your leg until you feel a stretch in the back of your leg and lower back. Try to hold the stretch for about 30 seconds before lowering your leg back to the ground. If you’re having troubling holding the stretch, place your linked hands on your knee to help. Repeat the steps with your left leg, and continue repeating them until you’ve done three to five reps with both legs. 

3.   Physical therapy

People who are dealing with more serious forms of back pain such as a herniated disc should check out the physical therapy available in Allison Park. Panther Physical Therapy has a clinic in this area, and our team has helped treat many forms of back pain. We know that injuries and medical conditions affect every person differently, and this is why we don’t use cookie-cutter therapy plans. Instead, we build a personalized therapy for each individual patient, and these plans can include helpful techniques such as: 

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