Three elbow tendinitis treatment steps to use in Wexford, PA

Elbow Tendinitis

Tendons are tough bands of flexible tissue that connect muscles to bones, and when these become irritated and inflamed, you have a condition called tendinitis. Tendinitis can affect many joints of the body, but the elbow is especially susceptible to this condition. This is because there are four tendons in your elbow, and the elbow is used a lot for routine daily tasks, sports and other stressful movements. If you have elbow tendinitis is Wexford, Pennsylvania, there are three steps you can take to treat your condition.

1.   Avoid repetitive movements

Repetitive elbow movements are one of the most common causes of elbow tendinitis. Therefore, one of the first steps you should take to treat this condition is to avoid these movements. For example, you should take a break from athletic activities that place a lot of strain on the elbow, such as tennis. You might also want to open as few doors as possible. This is because the twisting motion this action uses can irritate the elbow tendons. By avoiding repetitive movements like these, you’ll give your elbow tendons a chance to rest, and rest can help jump-start the healing process. 

2.   Use an elbow brace

Another step you can take to treat elbow tendinitis is to wear an elbow brace. The elbow brace is designed to restrict the movement of your forearm muscles. This restricted movement means that less strain is being placed on the elbow tendons, and reduced strain can help the tendons heal more quickly. These braces are worn on the forearm, and the best place to wear them is one or two inches below your elbow joint. You can find an elbow brace in many local stores, and they are also readily available online. 

3.   Participate in physical therapy

Participating in physical therapy is another step that can help with elbow tendinitis treatment. It can also help speed up your recovery and reduce your pain, and Panther Physical Therapy in Wexford offers plans to treat elbow tendinitis. 

We’ll begin your therapy process by performing a complimentary screening, and this can help us get a better idea of how serious your condition is. After gathering as much information as possible about your condition, we’ll then use it to create a personalized treatment plan to fit your needs. The treatment plans we create rely on multiple therapy techniques, and some of the techniques used in your plan may include: 

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