Preventing Headaches

Headache prevention tips from Panther PT in Harmony, PA

December 17th, 2018

Most people are familiar with the pain and discomfort caused by headaches. Head pain makes it difficult for you to accomplish daily tasks. It can even cause discomfort while sitting or lying down.  Usually, headaches go away after some rest and over-the-counter painkillers. However, some cases of head pain are too severe for this kind

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Chronic Neck Pain

Reducing your chances of having neck pain

December 16th, 2018

A little bit of neck pain can make your entire day more difficult. It’s hard to accomplish any tasks or even sit down and take a break when your neck is hurting. The good news is that neck pain is usually minor and nothing to worry about. Minor neck pain can often be treated with

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Chronic Headaches

Lowering the risk of headaches

December 12th, 2018

One small headache can ruin your entire day. It’s hard to move around or think when you have a throbbing, dull ache in your head. Even while lying down or sitting still, a headache can still be unpleasant. Fortunately, most headaches are not too serious. Headaches can usually be treated with some over-the-counter pain medication

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