Specialized sports injury treatment from physical therapists in Wexford, PA

Sports Injury Treatment in Wexford

If you are seeking expert treatment for a sports injury, Panther Physical Therapy in Wexford, Pennsylvania, can provide the specialized care you need. Our team of experienced physical therapists helps athletes of all ages and levels bounce back from injuries, providing evidence-based sports injury treatment methods in a warm and friendly setting.

How is physical therapy used as sports injury treatment?

Whether as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with surgery, physical therapy has the potential to greatly benefit athletes with most types of musculoskeletal conditions. The goal of physical therapy for athletes is to enhance strength, maximize range of motion and facilitate healing following injury through a regimen of gentle exercises and other conservative techniques. The specifics of a physical therapy treatment plan will vary according to the condition at hand. For example, sports injuries can range from routine joint sprains and muscle strains to more complex issues like anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears and bulging discs.

Our approach to sports injury treatment

Individualization is key to successfully treating sports injuries. That’s why Panther Physical Therapy in Wexford, Pennsylvania, takes a personalized approach to sports injuries that considers each patient’s unique needs. We provide sport-specific therapy regimens and targeted treatments to help patients return to the activities they enjoy in an efficient and safe manner. A few of our most common treatment options include:

  • Therapeutic exercises to build strength and minimize the risk of future injury
  • Trigger point therapy, joint mobilization and other forms of manual therapy to release tensed structures and improve mobility
  • Hot/cold therapy to relax muscles, improve circulation around injuries and reduce inflammation  
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to relieve pain

Get back in the game with sports injury treatment from Panther Physical Therapy. We welcome avid joggers, tennis club champions, flag football fanatics and athletes of all kinds. Contact our physical therapy center in Wexford, Pennsylvania, today to schedule an initial appointment.

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