Preventing sports injuries with Panther PT in Wexford, PA

Sports Injury Prevention

Athletes of all levels and all types of sports can benefit from physical therapy treatments. Physical therapists can help athletes recover faster from injuries and get back to competing again. This is good news for athletes who’ve been injured.

Although treating a sports injury with physical therapy is a great choice, it’s better to prevent injuries in the first place. Some injuries are unavoidable, but many could be avoided with better fitness and techniques. Physical therapists can help you in this area too.

Below are a few tips that you can practice more often on your own to help prevent sports injuries.

Four tips for preventing sports injuries

  1. Warm up and cool down — As the name implies, warming up is the practice of getting your muscles warm before physical activity. Warmer muscles are more difficult to strain, which can help reduce injuries and pain. Most people warm up with stretches and some light exercises, like walking or jumping jacks.Cooling down is important too because going from hard physical activity to rest all of the sudden can cause strain on your body. You can usually cool down well enough by walking around and doing light stretches after activity.
  2. Use proper equipment — The equipment you use needs to fit properly to protect you and support you. Pay special attention to your footwear. Shoes that do not fit properly or support your arches can be a quick way to get your feet hurt.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet — Make sure you’re eating well to get your body the fuel it needs to train and compete. Consume more foods with lean proteins and whole grains. Include more fruits, vegetables and dairy products in your diet too.
  4. Don’t push yourself too hard — Athletes often push past pain to keep training and competing. This can often be a mistake that leads to increased pain or an injury. Listen to your body and stop when it’s telling you to stop.

Treating sports injuries at Panther Physical Therapy in Wexford, PA

Our physical therapists offer a variety of services that can help athletes treat injuries and prevent them. Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.

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