Post-surgical rehab from experienced physical therapists in Allison Park, PA

Post-surgical Rehab in Allison Park

Post-surgical rehab is one of our specialties at Panther Physical Therapy—a trusted physical therapy practice that has faithfully served residents of Allison Park, Pennsylvania, since 2003. Our team of experienced and compassionate physical therapists helps patients of all ages rebound from surgery and get back to enjoying life as efficiently and safely as possible through post-surgical rehab.

Why is post-surgical rehab important?

The human body has an incredible ability to heal itself. Still, it sometimes needs a little help. Surgery can be tough on the body, and post-surgical rehab plays an important role in helping patients regain strength, restore range of motion, manage post-surgical discomfort and accelerate the overall recovery process. It may also be necessary to help regain the ability to perform everyday actions, such as walking, standing up and climbing stairs.

What can I expect during post-surgical rehab?

The details and duration of your post-surgical rehab regimen will depend on what type of surgery you received and your health scenario. For example, an athlete recovering from rotator cuff surgery will have a different treatment regimen than a senior who received surgery to repair an arthritic knee.  

Panther Physical Therapy in Allison Park, Pennsylvania, takes a personalized approach to post-surgical rehab to help ensure the best possible outcomes. As our patient, your plan will be tailored to your specific needs and health goals. Based on your situation, your treatment plan may include:  

  • Therapeutic exercises to increase strength and endurance
  • Manual therapy to enhance mobility and range of motion
  • Hot/cold therapy to improve circulation, soothe tensed muscles and reduce inflammation
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to alleviate pain   

Our physical therapists will be here to help you overcome any hiccups or frustrations that you may experience during your recovery. We can also provide expert guidance on how to promote healing at home. Our team may suggest helpful diet programs, gentle daily exercises and other simple tips that can contribute to a swift and streamlined recovery.     

Contact Panther Physical Therapy in Allison Park, Pennsylvania, today to learn more about our post-surgical rehab services or to schedule an initial appointment.

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