Physical therapy for knee pain in Harmony, PA

Knee Pain Physical Therapy

As the most complex joint in the body, knee pain can frequently occur due to overuse, sudden injury or an underlying condition such as arthritis. Because of its responsibility to bear the weight of the body, the tissue around the knees can become very tight and muscles around the knee can weaken, causing wear and tear.

Physical therapy can be an excellent tool for those experiencing knee pain as a way to improve joint mobility and alleviate discomfort. If you are looking for knee pain physical therapy and are near Harmony, Pennsylvania, Panther Physical Therapy is here to help. To learn about our treatment methods and get started on your journey to recovery, read the following article.

Determining what physical therapy treatments for knee pain are right for you

If you are from the Harmony area and are suffering from knee pain, it may be challenging to participate in activities like playing with your grandchildren in Zelienople Community Park or walking around the historic Harmony Museum. At Panther Physical Therapy, we have clinics around Pennsylvania that are dedicated to pinpointing the cause of your knee pain and getting you back to your daily routine.

Our specialists will use advanced diagnostic tools, such as movement investigation or gait analysis, to evaluate your walking ability, posture, knee motion, strength and joint mobility. Once the evaluation is completed, we will customize a treatment plan best fit for your needs. These methods may include treatments like manual therapy to promote healing and TENS therapy to send electrical signals to the knee that help manage pain and discomfort.

Visit Panther Physical therapy in Harmony for knee pain relief

At our Harmony clinic, our team of leading physical therapists creates specialized hands-on treatments to help patients improve their overall quality of life and prevent knee pain in the future. Our team works hard to provide the highest level of quality care to every patient that walks through our door.

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