How come I have constant neck pain?

Constant Neck Pain

Answering this question can be vital to your peace of mind and ability to go about your daily tasks. After all, it’s never fun to go through your day in constant pain, especially when that pain is located in your neck. 

However, you aren’t alone if you’re living with chronic neck pain. One study found that 37% of neck pain sufferers report that their symptoms last for at least 12 months, and neck pain is considered chronic when it lasts for three or more months. Physical therapists are adept at helping people learn the source of their constant neck pain. They can also help you find effective treatment options for your chronic neck pain. 

These are common causes of constant neck pain

There are many problems in your neck that can lead to chronic neck pain, and figuring out which issue you’re dealing with is vital to treating your pain effectively. Your physical therapist can perform a comprehensive physical evaluation that may reveal issues like: 

How can your physical therapist treat your constant neck pain?

One they know what issue is behind your chronic pain, your physical therapist can start taking steps to treat your pain. For one thing, a unique therapy plan will be developed specifically to fit your needs. Such a plan can be made up of many therapy methods, including:

  • Graston Technique® therapy that uses special tools to apply pressure and friction intended to reduce soft tissue tension. 

Panther Physical Therapy is ready to treat your chronic neck pain

Don’t continue to live with constant pain in your neck. Our physical therapists at Panther PT are ready to help you find ways to treat your pain. We can do a free screening of your neck that’s designed to reveal the root cause of your pain. Then, our specialists will construct a personalized therapy plan intended to reduce your pain and improve your ability to do normal daily activities. We can even bring effective therapy to you thanks to our virtual therapy and at-home care services. 

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