Four types of manual therapy that can treat your pain

Manual Therapy

When you visit a physical therapist to treat your pain, they will develop a personalized treatment based on your individual needs. Many physical therapy treatments include manual therapy, which utilizes techniques that require the physical therapist to use his or her hands.

The main focus of manual therapy is to mobilize the joints and soft tissue and move them into different positions. This has many benefits including:

  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased flexibility

What are the different types of manual therapy?

Physical therapists can use a variety of manual therapy techniques in your treatment. Four of the most common types of manual therapy used in many treatments include:

  1. Joint mobilization — Physical therapists can use different levels of force to move a joint into different positions. This usually involves motions that you could not complete on your own. Mobilizing the joint this way can help reduce pain and improve its range of motion.

  2. Soft tissue mobilization — Many injuries and conditions cause a buildup of scar tissue. This is a problem because scar tissue is painful and limits your range of motion. Physical therapists can use soft tissue mobilization techniques to help reduce scar tissue and lower tension in your muscles, ligaments and tendons.

  3. Strain-counterstrain — Strain-counterstrain techniques are used to treat muscle spasms. It is a gentle therapy that can reduce pain and tension from spasms without causing further pain or any negative side effects.

  4. High velocity, low amplitude (HVLA) thrusting — HVLA techniques involve a lot of pressure that’s applied quickly to readjust the position of a joint. This can help reduce pain and lower pressure in painful areas while improving your range of motion.

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