Five reasons to treat fibromyalgia with physical therapy


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes bouts of pain in various parts of your body. Fibromyalgia pain has no known cause and it cannot be cured. However, people who suffer from fibromyalgia can visit a physical therapist to help treat and manage the pain.

Physical therapists have many methods for treating fibromyalgia that don’t involve the use of drugs or surgery. This is beneficial because drugs cause side effects and surgery is painful and risky.

Take a look at these five reasons why you should visit a physical therapist for treatment if you have fibromyalgia.

1. Physical therapists can identify triggers

The exact causes of fibromyalgia are not known. However, flare-ups of pain can usually be traced to specific triggers in the body. Physical therapists can identify these flare ups and develop a treatment to help prevent them. This may include exercises and stretches to improve the strength and flexibility of certain muscles, or it may include guidance for posture or gait.

2. Physical therapy helps reduce tension

Tense muscles are both potentially a trigger of fibromyalgia pain and a result of it. Physical therapists can reduce tension in the muscles, which can help block potential triggers of pain. Treatments for reducing tension in muscles vary depending on your needs. Your treatment may include:

  • Massage
  • Exercise
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Manual therapy

3. Physical therapists can teach you how to relax

Despite reducing the chances of certain triggers, fibromyalgia pain can still strike for unknown reasons. Physical therapists can help you learn how to relax and manage this pain so you can get through flare ups as smoothly as possible.

4. Physical therapy helps build your range of motion

One result of fibromyalgia pain is a limited range of motion. Physical therapists can help you restore your range of motion so you can resume your favorite activities. This can also help prevent triggers of fibromyalgia pain that develop from immobility or tension.

5. Physical therapy helps improve your balance

If fibromyalgia pain makes it difficult to walk around, you may be at a higher risk for harm from falls. Physical therapists can help you build your balance and improve your gait to reduce the risk of falling. This may also include guidance for reorganizing your home so it’s safer to move around in.

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