3 ways a physical therapist can help with your motorcycle accident injury

motorcycle accident injury

A motorcycle accident injury is horrible — but dealing with the pain of a motorcycle accident injury for months and years after the incident is even worse. Fortunately, a physical therapist can help you find relief from your symptoms and speed up your recovery rate. In some cases, a physical therapist may even help you avoid surgery for chronic pain. 

Why should you choose physical therapy to help treat your motorcycle accident injury?

With direct access health care, you no longer have to have a physician’s referral to see a physical therapist. That means you can seek physical therapy as your first method of treatment for your motorcycle accident injury. A physical therapist will run a series of diagnostic tests and imaging that will help determine the cause and severity of your pain, and then will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan based on your needs, lifestyle and recovery goals. 

There are three benefits to working with a physical therapist to treat your motorcycle accident injury, such as:

  1. Physical therapy can reduce your risk of long-term pain and symptoms. Physical therapy works to restore body mechanics to the way they are supposed to work. Through a series of treatment methods, physical therapy can help reduce the pain and symptoms of an injury, as well as restore flexibility, strength and range of motion to parts of the body that have been injured during a motorcycle accident. 
  1. Physical therapy can speed up your recovery time. When it comes to serious injury, things often don’t get better on their own. But with guided exercises and mobility training from a physical therapist, you may experience a faster (and more effective) recovery than originally anticipated.
  1. Physical therapy can reduce your need for surgery. This is especially true for back pain that results from a motorcycle accident injury. Pain in the joints and spine caused by an injury often does not heal on its own. On the contrary, it typically worsens over time and may require surgery. Physical therapy can help restore strength and mobility to the spine and joints, which can drastically reduce your need for surgery to deal with chronic pain. 

If you have suffered a motorcycle accident injury, contact a physical therapist to schedule an appointment. We offer free screenings at our Panther Physical Therapy clinics; you can meet with a physical therapist and determine if this is the right treatment option for you. Contact us today.